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Copiers and Followers Update – WEEK 19 (May 06th to May 12th)

Good afternoon,

This week the portfolio has undergone a correction of -3.06%.

(Seeking Alpha) All three major U.S. stock averages ended the regular trading session in the green on Friday, though all fell for the week, as markets reacted to the machinations of U.S.-China negotiations. The S&P500 $SPY $SPX500 ended the week down -2.2% and the Nasdaq $QQQ $NSDQ100 sank -3.0% for the week. The Dow $DIA $DJ30 ended the week down -2.1%. Despite no agreement being struck, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin characterized the trade talks as “constructive” and President Donald Trump ended the week with an optimistic tweet.

Here is the detailed weekly income of the positions that make up the portfolio:


$ZYNE +11.44%

$ZEN +1.87%

$MA -0.21%

$CMCSA -0.32%

$CMG -0.58%

$AMD -0.92%

$MSFT -1.37%

$PYPL -1.38%

$CYBR -2.51% (earnings report to 05-14-19)

$AZO -3.17%

$AMZN -3.69%

$ETSY -11.27% (earnings reported 05-08-19)

$UBNT -18.56% (earnings reported 05-09-19)


I added $CMCSA . Stocks that are on my radar and that interest me are $VALE $PBR $V $GOOG $FB $INTU $BB $AAPL $ZNGA $MTCH $SHOP $MELI $WIX and $ATHM .

(Seeking Alpha) Jeff Bezos unveiled Blue Origin’s (BORGN) “Blue Moon” lunar lander, which will be able to deliver payloads to the lunar surface, deploy up to four smaller rovers and shoot out satellites that orbit the moon. “I love Vice President Pence’s 2024 lunar landing goal,” he declared, adding that Blue Origin can meet that timeline “because we started this three years ago.” Bezos invests more than $1B in Blue Origin each year – through sales of his Amazon $AMZN shares – and is competing with space ventures like Elon Musk’s SpaceX (SPACE) and United Launch Alliance, a partnership between Boeing $BA and Lockheed Martin $LMT .


I hope everyone has a winning week!

Best regards,



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