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My name is ANTONIO WALTER SANTIAGO and I am Trader Cadet at EToro, with the username Santiago1000

Who am I

I’m a business administrator with an emphasis on finance

With 2 specializations, MBA in Finance by IBMEC and MBA of Civil Construction by FGV. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training for body and mental health. I wish to become one of the most trusted traders on EToro. My goal is an average monthly portfolio growth of 5%. For this, I use the “Pacient Investor Strategy”, maintaining between 15 and 20 stocks, mainly from the US Market and doing “Rebalancing Monthly”. Keeping me always well informed about market trends is one of my main motivations. Divide information and knowledge move me.

Transparent trading in eToro

I’m a “Popular Investor” at eToro

I earn a salary based primarily on the assets under my administration. Anyone can copy me on eToro for free from $ 250. The ideal value is between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000.

I base my business primarily on the US Stock Market. I have my own way of classifying the companies and the moment they meet. I use the leading “research” companies to support my investment theses. The search for the best portfolio is ongoing.

My strategy may change over time. Every strategy has an inherent risk. At present I use Twin Momentum Investor based on Dashan Huang. I believe it is important to pass this information on to the copiers and followers.

Before making changes to the portfolio, I do simulations and studies so as not to impact their performance and their correlation with S&P500.

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Discover the easiest way to invest in stocks in major world markets. Buy fractions of securities or copy the investor’s portfolio in real time. And all this without paying commissions for tickets or management.

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Blue Star Investor at EToro

My name is ANTONIO WALTER SANTIAGO and I am Trader Cadet at eToro, with the username Santiago1000

Join me on my investment journey as I share my ideas and experiences

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Portfolio Strategy and Composition

Twin Momentum Investor

Dashan Huang is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business at Singapore Management University. His paper “Twin Momentum” looked at combining traditional price momentum with improving fundamentals to generate market outperformance.

In the paper, he identified seven fundamental variables (earnings, return on equity, return on assets, accrual operating profitability to equity, cash operating profitability to assets, gross profit to assets and net payout ratio) that he combined into a single fundamental momentum measure.

He showed that stocks in the top 20% of the universe according to that measure outperformed the market going forward. When he combined that measure with price momentum.


I have prepared this FAQ with the doubts that I consider of greater relevance.

I hope it is easy to read and understand. Please, send me a message at eToro if you have any questions that I should add.

What is the optimal value to start a copy?

Starting at $ 250, all positions will be considered. I consider between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 a good investment.

When is the right time to copy?

My goal is to have a return greater than + 50% in any period of 12 months, so in theory, it’s always a good time to start copying.

How long should I copy?

I suggest a minimum copy period of 3 months. Patience is a virtue at this moment.

How do I increase my investment?

The answer is not straightforward as you might expect. You may think that if you added more funds to your copy of these funds, it would be redistributed in all of our current businesses – this is not the case. Instead, money is added to your copy of me and these funds are used whenever I open new businesses. 50% + more then you should stop and restart your copy, otherwise add the funds and they will be slowly picked up as I open new positions. The reason I advise this approach is that it may take weeks or months for all of your funds to be put to work for a large deposit with the “add funds” approach, while recopying puts almost anything to work right away. You can test what percentage you will pay again in terms of the spread if you mimic this action in your virtual portfolio. Currently this is at approximately 0.4%. If I raise my funds and you do not, then you will not pick up any of the trades that I open with these funds.

Why is my investment with you in red?

There may be many reasons, here are some key. You started copying recently and just paid the spread. When you open a new copy, or open any new position, you’ll pay for the spread and it may turn red for some time, I hope it will be short.

You copied just before the market took a dip and now we need to wait for a recovery. This is inevitable, no one can time the market perfectly. You did not copy negotiations and now you have only a few of my trades. The best thing is to close your copy and reopen it.

Why are my statistics different from yours?

There are many reasons. Our statistics will reflect more or less each other, but may be out of sync for several reasons. When you initially copy me, you pay the spread at that point, so you immediately take a small loss in relation to my portfolio. If I add more funds, you’ll need to add the corresponding percentage of funds to pick up future deals in the same proportion as me. You manually close the negotiations or your SL is reached.

Why are some of my copy positions ``pending / pending``?

Investment positions can only be opened or closed when the market is open for trading. All you have to do is wait.

What happens to my money when you are close to profit?

When you copy me with a certain amount of money, all that money “sticks” with me. If I close a business for profit, then your money goes back to a cash reserve that I can use to reinvest. This is how we really make money together.


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