Portfolio Update – WEEK 53 (December 28th to January 03td)

Portfolio Update – WEEK 53 (December 28th to January 03td)


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Last week of the year, mission accomplished, 2020 was amazing, it was an incredible profitability of + 96.72%. For the week, the portfolio slipped -2.38%, for December moved up +4.06%. I remain confident in technology companies especially. In the next few days, I intend to add funds to the portfolio and reinforce the main positions. Check it out the portfolio stats .

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(Seeking Alpha) An unforgettable 2020


There was no shortage of coronavirus headlines in 2020 and the economic shocks from the pandemic are likely to reverberate for the foreseeable future.

Big government staged a comeback, where it became the norm to supplement employee wages and offer direct payments for their citizens. A big rethink in economics also changed minds about public debt, with federal deficits ballooning as central banks jumped back into the money printing business and interest rates notched record lows.

Shocks hit supply chains across the globe and made businesses and governments even more skeptical on their reliance on China. Things were even tougher on the domestic front. Low-paying work in services, where there’s more face-to-face contact, took a gigantic hit, while higher up the income ladder, remote offices became commonplace. Stocks markets meanwhile returned with a vigor that many thought would take years.

With planes grounded and travel at a near halt, Big Oil felt a real threat that the world was getting serious about the climate. Crude prices shockingly went negative at one point as people stayed home under lockdowns, giving impetus to the phase-out of fossil fuels, while California announced plans to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2035, along with many European countries. Eight oil majors even announced an agreement to apply a common set of “energy transition principles” across their businesses, including a commitment to industry decarbonization, and President-elect Joe Biden promised to rejoin the Paris climate accords.


Here is the detailed annual income of the positions that make up the portfolio:



NIO – NIO Limited +1,112.44%

TSLA – Tesla, Inc. +743.43%

FVRR – Fiverr Internacional Lt. +730.26%

ENPH – Enphase Energy, Inc. +571.53%

ZM – Zoom Video Communications, Inc. +395.77%

FSLY – Fastly, Inc. +335.33%

CRWD – CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. +324.74%

ETSY – Etsy, Inc. +301.60%

SQ – Square, Inc. +248%

SEDG – SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. +235.6%

TTD – The Trade Desk, Inc. +208.34%

MELI – MercadoLibre, Inc. +192.9%

SHOP – Shopify Inc. +184.85%

NVDA – NVIDIA Corporation +121.93%

PYPL – PayPal Holdings, Inc. +116.51%

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. +99.98%

AAPL – Apple Inc. +80.75%

AMZN –, Inc. +76.26%

NFLX – Netflix, Inc. +67.11%

LULU – Lululemon Athletica Inc. +50.22%

MSFT – Microsoft Corporation +41.04%

FB – Facebook, Inc. +33.09%

GOOG – Alphabet Inc. +31.03%

LMND – Lemonade, Inc. N/A

PLTR – Palantir Technologies Inc. N/A


I added LMND and ETSY . Stocks/ETFs on my radar and that interest me: RH, ADBE, COUP and CROX .


Tesla deliveries

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is forecast to report 163K deliveries in Q4, although Wedbush, Cowen and Credit Suisse all came in with late projections of over 180K for the quarter. Tesla starts off 2021 with plenty of momentum. “We are seeing a major inflection of EV demand globally with our expectations that EV vehicles ramp from ~3% of total auto sales today to 10% by 2025. We believe this demand dynamic will disproportionately benefit the clear EV category leader Tesla over the next few years especially in the key China region which we believe could represent ~40% of its EV deliveries by 2022 given the current brisk pace of sales,” updates Wedbush analyst Dan Ives.


U.S. Indices (2020)

Dow +7.25% to 30,606. S&P 500 +16.26% to 3,756. Nasdaq +43.64% to 12,888. Russell 2000 +18.36% to 1,974. CBOE Volatility Index +62.20% to 23.60.

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