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Copiers and Followers Update – WEEK 52 (December 23th to December 29th)

Copiers and Followers Update – WEEK 52 (December 23th to December 29th)


Good morning,


Hello, how are you all?

Another week in green for the portfolio! This time climbed +0.89%.

2019 was a great year. I would like to thank everyone who follows me and copies my positions. I learned many lessons about the market. One of the great things about the stock market is that you never stop learning. I think it’s always best to scale into tech stocks, as some are very volatile. Because of their often very high gross margins, tech stocks will be rewarding patient long-term investors. I have had my eye on high growth SaaS business. $TTD is a stock which is a favorite of tech, but still relatively unknown amongst normal people, despite being an $11bi EV stock.


HNY! 2020!


In case of any doubt, you can access the FAQ of my blog:


(Seeking Alpha) Investors are still on holiday patrol next week even as economic releases on pending home sales, consumer confidence, construction spending, manufacturing and PMI activity pour out. Fed watchers will have the FOMC minutes from the last meeting to dissect on January 3, while bond traders expect Treasury yields to push even lower amid a strong auction cycle. Across the Pacific, Chinese President Xi Jinping will deliver a New Year’s address that will likely be light on trade deal details, but heavy on warnings over foreign interference in Hong Kong and Macau. On the entertaining side, there will also be some jostling next week between $1.21T $MSFT and $1.29T $AAPL to see which company ends the decade with the highest market capitalization. Ten years ago, Apple ranked third and Microsoft fifth to end 2009, while twenty years ago Microsoft edged out $GE as the company with the largest market cap at the end of the millennium.


Here is the detailed weekly income of the positions that make up the portfolio:



$OLED +5.98%

$AAPL +3.71%

$TTD +3.26%

$PAYC +2.03%

$MSFT +0.98%

$FB +0.87%

$MA +0.73%

$GOOG +0.17%

$CDW +0.03%

$LULU -0.12%

$EW -0.75%

$SEDG -0.78%

$RH -2.69%


I closed $VEEV and $VGT , bought $SEDG and $LULU




I am bullish on long-term U.S. Treasuries. And I believe that 2020 may be a year where the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond $TLT ends up outperforming the $SPY , perhaps by a solid margin.


Thanks for reading, Happy 2020!


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