📊 SPY Stock Analysis – September 19, 2023 📈

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📊 SPY Stock Analysis – September 19, 2023 📈


Fundamental Analysis:

  • EPS: $19.85
  • PE Ratio: 22.3
  • Market Cap: $406.31B
  • Shares Outstanding: 917.78M

On the fundamental side, SPY appears to be reasonably priced with a moderate PE ratio. Its substantial market capitalization signifies its strong market presence.


Technical Analysis:

  • Closing Price (Sept 19, 2023): $442.71
  • 52-Week Range: $348.11 – $459.44
  • Volume: 64.34M (Below Average)
  • 50-Day Moving Avg: $447.50 (Bearish)
  • 200-Day Moving Avg: $417.68 (Bullish)
  • RSI14: 39 (Oversold)
  • MACD: 2.24 (Bullish)
  • ATR: 0.94 (Market Volatility)
  • Support: $439.95
  • Resistance: $443.28
  • Stop Loss: $426.95

From a technical standpoint, SPY shows potential for growth, but it’s currently below its 50-day moving average and oversold based on RSI14.


News Analysis & Prediction:

  • Positive market sentiment and economist Jeremy Siegel’s outlook suggest a continued market rally.
  • YTD rise of 16.7% in the S&P 500 may maintain SPY’s momentum.

Considering technicals, fundamentals, and positive news, SPY is predicted to slightly increase in the next trading day, hovering around $443.28. In the coming week, it could advance towards its 50-day moving average or beyond.


Overall Evaluation:

  • Short-term: Buy
  • Long-term: Hold

SPY offers potential for both short-term and long-term gains. Short-term traders can benefit from the predicted price increase, while long-term traders can expect medium to long-term gains due to its strong position above the 200-day moving average. Keep an eye on market conditions for the best strategy. 🚀


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