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🚀 Excited to share my 🔝 10 PICKS for 2024 on eToro!

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🚀 Excited to share my 🔝 10 PICKS for 2024 on eToro!


Let’s break it down:


1️⃣ $META (Meta):

Riding the AI wave, Meta’s focus on AI tech, especially with LLaMA, has enhanced algorithms and advertising systems. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s AI-driven tools have increased user engagement.


2️⃣ $MHO (M/I Homes):

With a solid 295% gain in 2023, MHO’s financials shine. Impressive EBITDA margin, ROE, and Q3 performance position it as a robust choice in the housing market.


3️⃣ $LULU (Lululemon):

Recent strategic partnership with Peloton and addition of Shane Grant to the board bode well for LULU’s growth. Stellar financials with a 19% YoY revenue increase and 21% higher gross profit showcase its resilience.


4️⃣ $SMCI (Super Micro Computer):

Up 245% in 2023, SMCI’s innovative server design for AI sets it apart. Founder-led, energy-efficient, and with a focus on AI server systems, it’s positioned for substantial growth.



A standout in the Magnificent 7, NVIDIA’s dominance in AI training, new H200 GPU, and consistent share movements make it a leader in the AI market.


6️⃣ $MELI (MercadoLibre):

With an 85% gain in 2023, MELI’s two-decade presence in eCommerce and fintech, along with continuous innovation, solidify its position in the Latin American market.


7️⃣ $GOOG (Alphabet):

A 60% climb in 2023, Google’s advancements in AI-related tools like Bard and Gemini contribute to its growth. Gemini’s outperformance against GPT-4 adds to its allure.


8️⃣ $BLDR (Builders FirstSource):

A robust 155% gain in 2023, BLDR’s strategic M&A activities enhance its market share and product mix. Smart acquisitions fuel sales growth and profitability.


9️⃣ $AMZN (Amazon):

Up 80% in 2023, Amazon’s foray into AI with Bedrock, GenAI assistant Q, and a massive investment in Anthropic position it for competition in the AI space.


🔟 $MSFT (Microsoft):

Hitting record highs in 2023 with a nearly 60% gain, Microsoft’s multi-billion-dollar investment in AI breakthroughs and partnership with OpenAI solidify its position in the AI race.


Remember, these are my personal opinions, and thorough research is key.


Let’s navigate the markets together in 2024! 🌐📈


Happy New Year!




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