Followers and Copiers Update – WEEK 36 (September 4th to September 10th)

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Followers and Copiers Update – WEEK 36 (September 4th to September 10th)


Dear followers and copiers,


📈 This week in the U.S. financial markets has been a true roller coaster ride, with major indices experiencing highs and lows. The S&P 500 ended the week with a 1.3% decline, the Nasdaq Composite fell 1.9%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw a slight 0.8% dip. However, the Santiago1000 portfolio stood out, delivering a solid performance throughout the week.


Let’s take a look at the returns of the top stocks in the Santiago1000 portfolio during the week:

  • $LLY (Eli Lilly and Company): +5.27%
  • $TTD (The Trade Desk, Inc.): +4.95%
  • $NVO (Novo Nordisk A/S): +3.22%
  • $XOM (Exxon Mobil Corporation): +1.84%
  • $MSFT (Microsoft Corporation): +1.71%


These stocks outperformed the overall market, posting notable positive gains. Eli Lilly led the way with an impressive 5.27% increase, closely followed by The Trade Desk with a gain of 4.95%. Novo Nordisk, Exxon Mobil, and Microsoft also recorded solid gains during the week.


While market indices faced volatility due to concerns about Federal Reserve monetary policy and other economic factors, the Santiago1000 portfolio showed resilience. This underscores the importance of a diversified and well-managed investment strategy.


🛢 Oil in the Spotlight:

Oil had a turbulent week, rising due to surprising production cuts from Saudi Arabia and Russia.


🏨 Airbnb in NY:

Airbnb hosts in New York are facing stricter regulations.


💼 Arm Holdings IPO:

Arm expects to raise billions in its IPO. Does the hype match reality? 🚀


🤖 Ad Transparency:

Google is requiring political advertisers to disclose the use of AI, a move to combat inauthentic content.


🍎 Apple in Trouble:

Apple is facing challenges in China due to a government ban on iPhone usage.


As we approach significant events such as Apple’s iPhone launch and the start of Google’s monopoly trial, investors should stay vigilant about news and events that can impact their investments.


In summary, the week was challenging for the markets, but the Santiago1000 portfolio demonstrated strength and resilience. Always remember that financial education and research are essential for making informed investment decisions. Continue to invest wisely and seize the opportunities that the market offers. 💰📈

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